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 Standard Defensive Driving Classes Try to Teach Your Drivers How to Drive Safely - We Don't

Why not?  Because chances are they already know HOW to drive safely - they simply CHOOSE not to do so by taking part in dangerous and expensive driving behaviors such as speeding, tailgating, distracted driving, driving fatigued, driving impaired and others.  These behaviors are the leading cause of tickets and traffic crashes, which in turn lead to lost time, higher insurance premiums and costly lawsuits.

Driver Safety Benefits Through Behavior Modification

Our flagship product, the Roadrageous Aggressive Driver/Behavior Modification Course, was designed by three psychologists who specialize in driver safety to actually change driver attitudes and behaviors.  And it works!  Roadrageous has been documented in two independent studies conducted by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles of the State of Florida to reduce collisions 64-74% (versus 24-40% for the control groups).

What makes Roadrageous™ different
from Defensive Driving Courses?

Poor behavior and driver choices are not  addressed with variations of “just say no” or gory pictures of crash victims as they are in standard driver safety training.  Instead, Roadrageous leads the student down a psychologically based path to ACKNOWLEDGE their bad driving decisions, WITNESS themselves when they are making them, and MODIFY those decisions.  Plus, Roadrageous is focused like a laser on behavioral change -  not a couple of modules added to a standard defensive driving course.  Read more about the Roadrageous™ difference and why it is so effective in changing behavior or better yet call or email us for additional information

Roadrageous has branched out.  In addition to the original Roadrageous course for business and government fleets, two additional versions of Roadrageous have been created:

Who should have Roadrageous Driver Safety Training?

Any organization that has employees on the road or which is losing valued employee productivity to on-duty or off-duty "accidents" can save money and lives by using Roadrageous training. Some examples include:

  • Companies with an on the road sales force
  • Companies with delivery vehicles
  • Logistics firms
  • Companies with on-site technical repair units
  • Taxi, Limousine, and Bus companies
  • Police and EMT Units
  • School Systems (Teen Roadrageous)

Our mission is to save lives, increase productivity and substantially reduce client costs. Click below to learn more about how one of the Roadrageous™ programs can save lives and substantially reduce your costs and liability or call us at 954-255-8510 or send an email for more information.